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India.Arie – Testimony: Vol. 2, Love and Politics

vol2The beautiful, soulful India.Arie once again delivers positive, encouraging vibes through her passion for life and the music she creates in response. India.Arie’s newest LP, “Testimony Vol. 2: Love and Politics,” examines herself, her relationships, the world, and the love that radiates through it all. Although ‘love’ and ‘politics’ is an odd combination of words, India mentions both without sounding like a carbon-copy of the rest of the music industry who tend to emulate the Obama-craze. India brings a much-appreciated crowd as guest appearances, such as the ever-soulful Musiq and to satisfy the nostalgic hip-hop enthusiasts, MC Lyte. Otherwise, India holds her own, opening with “Therapy,” a reminiscent of “Voyage to India,” and to get her politics on, “Ghetto,” a Carlos Santana-like track exposing the hardships shared by humanity. Musiq makes his appearance on “Chocolate High,” a fun-track comparing love to a sweet-tooth’s favorite treat. Every several tracks India inserts short, 50-second prayer-like devotions to God which ultimately sets the tone for the whole album and keeps the listener focused on the message.

“He Heals Me,” a beautiful track about a lover and a best friend is definitely a stand-out track. The more political side of the album continues on several tracks for the rest of the album and the poetic compositions about love continue to impress. India tends to reach the deepest emotions in the darkest, sometimes forgotten, corners of our hearts and it’s interesting to see her experiencing with more worldly-related subjects such as politics. The worldview India creates in most evident in “Pearls,” a heartfelt track about the everyday struggles of the lower-class around the world and in reality how we are all connected, “the sun shows her no mercy, the same sky we lay under.” Another worldview track, “The Cure,” this takes love and substitutes it for the cure for everything in the world and the power it invokes, even in the political sense. Here we get a feel for the meaning of the album title and it works. Some favorites will probably consist of, “Yellow,” a Stevie Wonder snapping track and “Psalms 23,” a hip-hop/jazz composition featuring a verse by the much-missed MC Lyte, and the most refreshing, motivational track of Volume 2 comes as a surprising bonus-track, “Beautiful Day.” The heaviest political track on the album, “Better Way,” is slightly cliché, but the guitar riffs and India’s soulful chant makes up for content. India.Arie continues to stay consistent and creates another memorable album, challenging our minds and our hearts.

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