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Welcome to my blog.  Perhaps unwisely, I have chosen the profession journalism. Let’s turn the clock back 10 years or so ago.  Could America predict this?  The almost certain death of print journalism?  Computers replacing print presses? At first, the very thought was intimidating, but change is good.  Computers allow more of a direct feedback from the reason why we are journalists, the people.  Our audience is now able to instantaneously comment on the latest and greatest breaking news and even write news stories of their own.  It is refreshing to see the public participating more in the world around them.  With the Internet occupying a great percentage of Americans’ time, news was so conveniently placed in the digital world it is fed through our subconscious.  The newsroom has almost become an advertising agency because we throw our headlines where ever these web addicts decide to roam.  We must remember journalism, while the technology of it is changing, will be one of the most consistent professions on the market.  The blogging world must embrace us first before they craft their own opinions otherwise there exists no foundation to their argument, statement, or opinion.  I am the ears, eyes, and voice to the world and no technological advancement can change that.  Embrace the world around you and I encourage you to participate in this phenomenon know as, ‘citizen journalism.’

Real talk.


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