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Hello! Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time here feel free to browse around a little bit. Currently, I hold a BA in Communication and Professional Sales from The University of Toledo in Ohio. I am a graduate student at New York University pursuing an MA in Music Business. Hopefully this blog will keep you entertained, informed, and fresh along my long journey to the top. Very quickly my two main passions, music and writing, will be evident in much of my writing and blogging. The music industry and the journalism platform have dramatically changed and I feel as though I belong in that evolution. I’ll bring you my best and expect your comments, positive or negative.

Stay Motivated.

-Ryan McDonald

Ryan McDonald


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  1. Hi Ryan….I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your blog. We may not share a common passion for writing but music flows through my veins. I have recently been appointed manager of a brand new band called Sons of Jove. To be honest i was appointed manager because they told me i had the look, motivation, and i quote “the swag”…Now i may not no shit about the business but damn they are talented, if they could only get the right person to hear them, i believe the sky is the limit. So my quest for getting them “out there” starts here with you. I would be honored if i could get you to come and take a look at them and take it from their. I know in my heart you would love them, and we would love the opportunity to be mentioned in your blog…We are playing Thursday August 25 at Sullivan hall in NYC…I realize that this is short notice and we do have other gigs TBD…I would love to hear from you via cell 561-809-9055 or email…Please forgive my lack of writing skillz, for i’m just a kid from queens trying to break through.Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you

    Don Sautner

    Comment by Donald Schweickert | August 22, 2011 | Reply

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