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'I Love Monsters'

'I Love Monsters'

After tapping my feet to the repetitive songs coming out of my headphones on the subway everyday I was itching to try something different. I needed a taste of New York City’s music scene to satisfy my eternal attraction to underground melodic, rhythmic bliss. Cleveland, my hometown, appears for the first time in this first edition of “Weekly Underground” (I just came up with that, pretty cool huh?). One of my best friends from Cleveland, Jay Metcalf, who also happens to be my fraternity brother, introduced me to a band awhile back called “Ashes” he manages. After missing the first show in Toledo on the count of my unwillingness to show up on time, I bet my life I would be at the NYC show. This unlikely combination of a cello, keyboard, drums, and an acoustic, electric, and bass guitar will have you begging for an encore.

While their album does spark interest, it surely does not do them justice. Most of their tracks were inspired by the many travels the band undertakes. With a deep emphasis on lyrics, each song was a blessing on stage. The members clearly have a close relationship with each other as well. This is apparent on-stage with the chemistry evoked, but more evident off-stage if you get the rare opportunity to experience their lives when the lights go down. Along with the Ashes boys (and girl) came the pop/punk ensemble known as, “I Love Monsters” who I found myself jamming-out to, but you may be able to blame that on the combination of the open bar and my very first New York City show. All-in-all though both bands came strong and I was extremely satisfied only spending $7 on a cover, open bar for an hour, and ‘free’ (that’s right, free), PBR’s in that hour. Bargain. Following the show at the Brooklyn venue, “The Trash Bar,” which I highly-recommend, all of us hopped in taxi’s, groupies and all, and traveled to several bars. What I find amusing in New York City is after a show, no matter how packed it seemed to be, no one recognizes you after that. I expected a sounding of cheers when we walked into a bar, but after adjusting myself to the massive world of NYC’s music scene I checked back into reality. Happen to see “Ashes” or “I Love Monsters” coming your way in the near future? Well, you may not be sipping on a seemingly unlimited supply of PBR’s, but you will enjoy yourself, I promise.

Real talk.


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